We have passion for art and coding. We join the two worlds by daily expending our photography, web design and programming skills.

Our curiosity allows us to explore new avenues each day, may it be technical, artistic or human.

We love discovering new projects and people and we work with great ethic and respect, treating everyone as ourselves. We enjoy immensely looking for solutions where there was none before. We feel the same joy as you do when we see you project come to life.

We have been working for big and small companies, which taught us the necessary discipline and processes to carry a project successfully.

We are looking for hearing from you!


  1. Mutual understanding is our primary concern. We ensure it with the best of our abilities.

  2. Mutual respect and honesty are the foundations for a successful project.

  3. We ensure that your project will come to life by helping you refining your needs.

  4. Less than a gallon of coffee a day

  5. Improvement of our technical and artistic skills is an ongoing project.



programmer, photographer, web designer

Myriam is a ETS computer engineer since 14 years. She has a passion for photography and coding. Myriam has founded 36one in 2008, after having worked for large companies since 2000.

A feline support team ensures the project are delivered on time.


architect, programmer

Computer sciences engineer since 14 years, software and web architect with extensive experience in portal management.

André is currently a full-time employee and spends his free time expending his personal development skills, when not giving much appreciated help and advices for 36one projects.



Our passion next to coding. Visit diachronie for examples.


We work also as consultant, for example as software architect.

Optimization and SEO

We love fast applications and websites. We can help fine tuning.


Coding is our job, we’ve been doing it since decades and still enjoy it!


Even if we take your project very seriously, we enjoy a good belly laugh now and then.

Web design

We love the simplicity of a beautiful design.