Small enterprises

For small enterprises we can work as technical consultant on a per hour basis. The greatest advantage for you being that you have professional services at your leisure!

Note that these services are available on site only. The geographical areas are in Switzerland: Vaud and Fribourg.


We can offer and configure the best cloud solution (backup, hosting, etc) for your needs.


We can configure any mail client and help you decide which mail hosting solution suits you best.


We can install and configure any software and being the spoke person for the software company. We can install and configure a webserver (Linux).

Hardware installation

We can install and configure new computers (Microsoft Windows and Mac OSX) and repair hardware (hard drive, memory, etc). We can also install and configure routers and install your network.



You wish to buy a new computer, printer, tablet or phone but you don’t know which one? We can make a personal offer for you, deliver and install the material at your home. We can configure and prepare the material to fit your needs. Note that we are not affiliated with any shop or brands.

Private network installation

You are working from home or need to expand your private network? We can help. We can configure your router, WIFI, computers, tablets, phones and printer(s) the way you wish.

Computer repair

We can repair and restore data from your laptop and desktop (Mac included). This includes hardware as well as software problem solving.

Your laptop just crashed and you cannot restore it? We can help.


We can offer advice and help online, too. We are not affiliated with any brands or shop. You’ll get the best of our personal experiences.