We can take high quality photography of your favorite places. We are fully equipped and seasoned photographers and work we great ethics and discretion.

On site

We can take photography, stills and videos on site. Switzerland only, unless you pay the travel expenses. (We have preference for Hawaï).


We can optimize images for print, web or publishing.

Image retouching

We can retouch images to remove unwanted elements and enhance the overall image quality.


We can produce stunning TTHDR (True Tone High Dynamic Range) images from you favorite indoor places.

Responsive tours


Our virtual tours are mobile friendly! It means that for the end user, they would be able to see the tour on mobile and desktop alike.

The mobile part is completely transparent, nothing to download and install! It works right away on the web browser. The images are adapted to the mobile devices (tablet or phone), to both decrease the weight of images and ensure a good quality.

Some complex graphical elements, like floorplans are removed for mobile devices, to ensure usability. On the other hand, nice features like a gyroscope are only available on mobile devices!


Multimedia can be integrated everywhere on our virtual tours. For example, videos, sounds, maps, floorplans and hotspots. We can also develop custom plugins, if one needs to communicate with a database, or display more complex GUI.

Our tours can be hosted anywhere and can be integrated with a copy/paste in your website!


Possibility to deliver the tours in HTML5/CSS3D only (no Flash).

Social & SEO

Integration of social sharing, Google Analytics and deep linking.

Cloud integration

Possibility to serve the images or the whole virtual tour form cloud servers.

Database connection

Possibility to load content dynamically from a database.


Integration of videos as object or 360 videos as panoramas.


Integration of floorplans, Google and Bing map.